…”endings are good beginnings” they say..Anyway i just want to say thank you for playing a big part of our call center life..Even if you’re leaving us soon, we assure you our dedication to achieve more and treasure you as our mentor…That whatever happens in the near future you would always be a part of whoever we will be….Without you, learning BST could have been harder and different..As what i said before,”with you as our trainer,learning is 10000000000x more fun”..So this is goodbyes..Take good care of yourself because we will always care.Good luck to your career..THANK YOU SIR JONAS!!!…may God bless us always..



nov. 17,2009 3:42am

I feel like i want to drop on my knees and cry.

Cry as hard as i can.

Cry as if it would wash away my feelings.

To become numb.

It’s hurting.

Where am i?



Totally lost.


Unconsciously, tears fell down from my eyes.Jealousy,loneliness,selfishness,oversensitivity and even regret filled my heart..Why? Am i succombing to the dark side? Does the fire of love slowly fading? Did i ran out of firewoods to keep it burning? What am i got to do?

Lift your head..

Ask and you will be given..You will be answered..You will be renewed…

You never leave me alone..

Thank YOU!!!

about meeehhhh….

Honestly, i’m not into computers so i’m really trying my best to do this…..what?  well, thank you sir jonas.With you as a trainer, learning is 1000000000000x more fun!!!!!!!!!! owryt!!!!!!!!!!






+coca cola















+nice people





+crazy stuffs


+++++The Supreme Being……..